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Our nation is a republic, not a democracy. While our nation’s founders were keenly aware of the difference, most Americans today are not. We have drifted away from our Constitutional right of individual sovereignty to a point where groups of individuals have rights that the individual doesn’t. In a democracy, the larger the group, the more power they wield. The “rule of law” takes a back seat to the will of the majority.

Our republic has laws that protect the individual from the oppression of the majority. It matters not if one person stands alone when he or she is right according to the law. This website is testimony to one individual’s stand.

These pages contain articles and letters to editors of a variety of newspapers, some national, and some local to Albany New York. Many have never been published. Of those that have never been published, most offered a stark contrast to the opinion of the editor to whom they were sent. Readers are encouraged to quote sections of this website verbatim, if doing so will advance the cause of individual liberty. – David Richard Crawmer


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