This page, in the spirit of The Federalist Papers, contains letters to editors and articles that have been published in several newspapers, mostly local to the Albany New York area but national in scope. The purpose of this endeavor is to chronicle for posterity my efforts to restore and advance the cause of Individual Liberty as fully as my faculties allow and by the Grace of God.
David Richard Crawmer


​11-2-22  Democracy is a threat to our Republic
President Biden has once again made the outrageous claim that President Trump and the MAGA Republicans are a “threat to democracy”.

Now, I don’t know if he’s even aware of the implications of that statement but the biggest threat to true democracy is democracy itself. That’s why our founders created a republican form of government where the rule of law supersedes the rule of the democratic majority.
I’ll give you examples of what democracy looks like.

It’s when a majority of voters vote for the Democrat Party and EVERYTHING it stands for and seeks to enforce regardless of what their favorite individual candidate promised.

It means that parents who are adamantly opposed to jabbing their children with an experimental vaccine will have to submit and comply with such a clearly immoral edict.

It means that female athletes will have to compete against biological males even if the moderate Democrat they voted for campaigned against that policy.

It means that we’ll have to rely on the delayed justice of the judicial branch of government to eventually allow us to go back to work if we refused to submit to vaccination.

It means that working blue collar voters who can’t afford to pay the increased taxes that are hidden in the cost of essentials like food and energy will still have to pay those hidden taxes even if they based the entirety of their vote on a single separate issue such as abortion.

You see, you cannot be an individual in a democracy. You will be absorbed by the mindless mob. You cannot go your own way. The individual candidate you vote for cannot go their own way either. It’s an all-or-nothing proposition.

Our nation was configured with three, NOT FOUR, separate co-equal branches of government. They are Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. The most widely known principle of the Judiciary is that we are all innocent until proven guilty. This principle ought to be front and center of the Legislative and Executive branches as well and our current Democrat-controlled branches of government are a perfect example of why.

Whether through executive actions of the President, legislative actions of Congress or now through the surreptitious actions of the FORTH BRANCH, We the People are being deemed guilty until we prove our innocence. From the lowest ranks of citizenship to the highest levels of government such as the President himself, we have all been dealing with a government that won't allow us the freedom to be innocent.

We have gun laws to prevent innocent people from doing things that other people were guilty of. We are not allowed educational freedom due to the fear that bad parents won't make the right choices. The innocent are being held hostage by the guilty. We are being taxed to extreme levels so that government can distribute our income to where they feel it would be better used. It is completely un-American for the citizens to be accountable to the IRS for where we derived our income, especially when the government is not accountable to us for where our income goes once they've plundered it from us. But the most egregious of our government's transgressions has been the actions of the fourth branch, THE ADMINISTRATIVE STATE or the Deep State as some would call it, spying on people including the former President and raiding our residences due to suspicions of guilt. That's not the way it works. If you think it's okay because you’re a member of the Democrat Party and this deep state Leviathan is going after Republicans at this time, you ought to consider where you would be if the shoe were on the other foot.

Our recently discovered forth branch of government, the unelected ADMINISTRATIVE STATE, is unconstitutional, illegal and dangerous. It considers itself to be the permanent keepers-of-the-flame. They deem themselves MORE EQUAL* than the others. They look at elected members of the other three co-equal branches as temporary the incompetent Christmas seasonal help in a department store. 

*As did the ruling pigs in George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM.

8-31-2022  Democrats have "Jumped the Shark"

One of the things that China is famous for (or infamous for depending on your perspective) is reverse engineering. They get hold of a desirable product made in the USA, inspect it, dissect it and reproduce it themselves.
Criminal investigators do pretty much the same thing when they reconstruct a crime or crash scene. They reverse the chain of events to get down to its genesis.
This is something that I think every American citizen who possesses an ounce of intelligence can likewise do with regard to the current state of our Union. How did we get to this point?
The first thing you must do is to question the narrative that the authorities are running with. Do the ruling elite’s solutions to “problems” make sense or do they portend an underlying agenda?
In reverse engineering all the machinations of America's socialist Democrats as dictated by the world's globalists, any good investigator would conclude that we are the victims of a carefully constructed plan.
Their goal is control and they are achieving it by reverse engineering the Chinese Communist Party model.
It’s not a coincidence that our Deep State very discreetly and illegally funded gain of function research at the Wuhan lab. The lab leak was not a coincidence. The virus was exported by way of an in-place worldwide web of Chinese distribution.
Effective treatments that field clinicians discovered were thwarted and suppressed. Masking, lockdowns and social distancing regulations were not effective at stopping the virus but were very effective at stopping President Trump's campaign rallies and provided the basis for a variety of corrupt election practices.
If the Biden Administration simply continued the incremental pace of foisting socialism on our country, they probably would have been able to avoid detection but by binge implementing all the policies that reversed president Trump's America First agenda, the complete conspiracy becomes obvious and undeniable.
As we continue to learn the truth about the depth of their conspiracy it's important for rational voters to start paying attention to the whistleblowers in the FBI and the people whose Free Speech was stifled by cronies in the mainstream media, Twitter, Facebook and all of our education institutions.
Don’t be naïve. Be a skeptic. Don’t be gullible. Question authority. Trust your instincts. Stop being complacent. Become proactive. Vote for freedom while you still have the freedom to vote.

10-11-21  Politics 101
One of the first questions you’re bound to have in your political education is - Are people stupid because they are liberal or are they liberal because they are stupid?
It’s a lot like asking – Which came first, the chicken or the egg? People have given this a lot of thought and there seems to be a split decision on the order of succession.
It largely depends on how you define “stupid”. Stupid could simply mean ignorant and in need of education. That definition fits well with the old adage that – If at the age of 20 you are not a liberal, you have no heart but if at the age of 30 you are still a liberal, you have no brain.
From there you have to understand that people will base life’s decisions on how they feel or on how they think. In other words, do they use their emotions or their intelligence? Knowing that quick decisions are usually derived emotionally and that intellectual consideration requires more time, political scientists have discovered that it’s quicker and easier to garner support for politicians by eliciting emotional reactions to their policies.
This is why we’ve had to suffer the “Social Emotional Learning” that has been infecting public school curricula for the past several decades.
This is why America’s political puppet-masters propose the extension of voting rights to sixteen year-olds and why they dread the idea of school choice.
Another thing that political scientists discovered after years of implementing SEL is that once their public school automatons graduated and ventured out into the real world, these young liberals quickly discovered the perils of using emotions to make life decisions. That’s where the ages of 20 and 30 come in to play.
The push for every student to go straight to college whether they ought to or not was based on the need to anchor their indoctrination and transition it into years of Political Emotional Learning.
President Reagan once quipped that it’s not that liberals are ignorant. It’s that they know so much that just isn’t so. In doing so I think he gave us a pretty good answer to my first question. Before the age of 20, you’re liberal because you’re simply ignorant. Still being a liberal beyond the age of 30 when you should figured all this out, is stupid that probably cannot be fixed.

9-1-2021 The “Dunning Kruger Effect” and other 1990's sociopolitical psychological ploys.

I learned something new today. Not that that’s uncommon for me but this little tidbit was a revelation. A smart young fellow I know invoked the “Dunning Kruger Effect” in a criticism of someone he disagreed with regarding COVID-19. I’d never heard of the term but a Google search brought me to Wikipedia where I learned that these two fellows, Dunning and Kruger, formulated a hypothesis in 1999 about incompetent people believing they are supremely competent.

How was that a revelation? Well, it fit perfectly with a number of other psychological theories, pronouncements, practices and outright manipulations produced by actors within our country’s political arena that I was aware were being foisted on an unsuspecting American electorate throughout and since the 90’s.

Wikipedia is very gracious about offering dissenting entries to their posts and I can only hope that people who cling to Dunning-Kruger as support for their position or to bludgeon opposing positions, take the time to read that it was simply a hypothesis. Its postulation was timed for political expediency in my opinion, was uncorroborated, poorly substantiated and in fact roundly criticized. Indeed people within the field of psychology are noticing that people outside of the field of psychology have very often been guilty of invoking Dunning Kruger as an insult to people they don’t agree with and that’s what tripped a light bulb in my mind.

Were Dunning and Kruger commissioned to write this theory to use as a weapon in political debate? Or, was theirs a noble cause that was hijacked by egotistical ideologues seeking another means of shoring up their own intellectual vacuousness? Recall that Karl Marx, after seeing how politicians had implemented and practiced Marxism, claimed not to be a Marxist.

Very few people do not feel they are always right. It is a rare exception for individuals to immerse themselves in considerable introspection before formulating opinions. I submit this excerpt from Ben Franklin’s final speech at our nation’s Constitutional Convention: “…having lived long, I have experienced many Instances of being oblig'd, by better Information or fuller Consideration, to change Opinions even on important Subjects, which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise. It is therefore that the older I grow the more apt I am to doubt my own Judgment, and to pay more Respect to the Judgment of others. Most Men indeed as well as most Sects in Religion, think themselves in Possession of all Truth, and that wherever others differ from them it is so far Error. Steele, a Protestant in a Dedication tells the Pope, that the only Difference between our two Churches in their Opinions of the Certainty of their Doctrine, is, the Romish Church is infallible, and the Church of England is never in the Wrong. But tho' many private Persons think almost as highly of their own Infallibility, as of that of their Sect, few express it so naturally as a certain French Lady, who in a little Dispute with her Sister, said, I don't know how it happens, Sister, but I meet with no body but myself that's always in the right. Il n'y a que moi qui a toujours raison.”

Do you blanch at the suggestion of authors collaborating with political ideologues? Does that sound like a conspiracy theory to you? If so, I suggest you haven’t been paying adequate attention to political science or history. Not to worry, I wouldn’t invoke Dunning Kruger any more than I would invalidate someone’s political incorrectness due to their orange skin tone;)

I know you need examples. Early in George H.W. Bush’s term, our 41st President commissioned Dr. Charles L. Glenn to investigate and report on advancements in educational freedom in Eastern Europe subsequent to the fall of the Soviet Union. The report, submitted to the Department of Education for publication, revealed that citizens of former Soviet Bloc countries had more educational choices than citizens of the United States. Mid-level bureaucrats in the DoE sat on the report and stalled the publication until Bush lost reelection to Bill Clinton. Clinton cancelled publication immediately upon assuming office. The Cato Institute got wind of this treachery and published the report in hardcover as: Educational Freedom in Eastern Europe. I immediately purchased a copy.

The turn of the century was an era when it seemed as though intelligence itself was under daily assault. Everything the American Left did defied reason. I was full of self-doubt about my own intelligence having been continually told I was always wrong about virtually everything regarding politics by people whose opinions in non-political fields I generally respected. I’d heard of an IQ test being offered at the Colonie Library from a Mensa proctor I knew and felt it was time to address that particular self-doubt. I’ve been told that it’s not a good idea to tell people the results of your IQ test. It’s not going to convince anyone you’re right or wrong. To the extent that other people can or will judge your intellectual prowess, you’ll have to prove yourself continually by formulating well reasoned arguments and ideas. Ann Coulter devoted an entire chapter about this in one of her books. I’m not sure if it was “Slander”, “Treason” or “Mugged”. I’m not going to reread them just to be able to be accurate about that but I will recommend those and all of her other books to anyone who would like to avoid having Dunning-Kruger invoked correctly on them over their self-perceived political science acumen.

Our heavily unionized public schools were pushing a Self Esteem agenda on our nation’s children in the 90’s (they now call it Emotional Intelligence and Social Emotional Learning) and it’s not hard to connect the dots to see how building a false sense of self esteem in children can lead to a society filled with young adults who harbor a penchant for misconstruing and misapplying Dunning Kruger.

It was 1995 when Daniel Goleman wrote: “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.” In this book, Goleman posits that emotional intelligence is as important as IQ for success, including in academic, professional, social, and interpersonal aspects of one's life.

In reality, Emotional IQ is oxymoronic. The words “emotional" and "intelligence” are mutually exclusive. Like oil and water, they just don’t mix. Another comparison for the sake of discussion would be the term “Democratic Socialism” (Democracy is when people have the right to choose. Socialism makes choice illegal), invented by socialists to make their radical positions seem more centrist. Emotions impede rational decision making while intelligence enhances it. “Emotional Awareness” would be a more appropriate moniker for Goleman’s theory but that didn’t fit as well with radical left-wing Democrats’ practice of placing emotions at the forefront of their constituency’s basis for decision making. Democrats want emotions to be placed on equal ground with intelligence in public schools for the express purpose of facilitating an irreversible indoctrination in our nation’s youth.

Dunning and Kruger postulated that incompetent people do not know and will never admit that they are incompetent. Does that not sound familiar? Do brainwashed people know they are brainwashed? Do indoctrinated people know? How about gaslit people? All these things have been happening to our citizenry and the fact of the matter is that it’s imperative that the victims be unaware of what’s happening to them in order for the manipulation of their minds to be effective.

I read some very important books, met some very knowledgeable people and attended a great many public forums dealing with public education and politics during the 90’s that contributed to the perspectives I hold today.

One such public forum I attended was a political action conference at The Egg in Albany, New York around 1998 where I met a teacher/author by the name of Beverly Eakman who had just written: “Cloning of the American Mind” – Eradicating Morality through Education (I have a signed copy). She coined the phrase “psychographic manipulation” to describe ways in which certain factions in our government and society were inculcating our youth with parasitic ideas.

We had so much psychological fraud being perpetrated on the American public throughout the 90’s that it’s hard to understand how most people were and remain oblivious to it. Then again, when I see the censorship that occurs on social media, the blatant bias of certain Main Stream Media outlets and the selective editing committed by publishers, the depth of the left’s efforts becomes apparent.

Facilitated Communication was one of the most egregious ploys in part because it was used by social workers acting as facilitators for autistic people to testify in court about allegations of abuse. People were convicted because of the false testimony that prosecutors were able to convince judges was coming from the autistic witness while it was actually coming from the facilitator and completely fabricated. I’m just going to leave a link here that gives a more detailed description of how this fraud was perpetrated:

Do you remember Attention Deficit Disorder that was abusively diagnosed and all the psychotropic drugs being overprescribed to boys for just acting like boys? That’s just one more element in the psychological war on men and boys that I’ll just have to postpone because it’s such a broad subject in and of itself.

I think it was 1996 when I was anticipating an opportunity to meet New York’s Teacher of the Year, John Taylor Gatto, author of: “The Underground History of American Education” (again, I have a signed copy) at another PAC in Albany but was very disappointed when told that he could not fulfill his speaking engagement due to his mother’s sudden illness. But I was stunned to receive an invitation to fill in as speaker for him at that conference. Apparently I had become known as a firebrand for education reform among people in the industry and I suspect my recent testimony at a Senate hearing on the education budget must have triggered the invite. I accepted and got to meet Steve Forbes there who was also a speaker and running to be the Republican candidate for President. The day-long event included a luncheon where I honed my still novice debating skills with union leaders, a state senator and a retiring SUNY professor who said he was the last of the conservatives in that institution.

There was an occasion when our state was debating who should be able to act as a delegate to our constitutional convention and a meeting was organized in one of the hearing rooms at the New York State Legislative Office Building. It was an intimidating environment of large auditoriums with hallways that must have been 16 ft wide. I sat way up in the back of the auditorium but did manage to get an opportunity to stand up and meekly speak my mind about an aspect of the debate that I took issue with. Just after I spoke there was a woman at the opposite end of the auditorium who also gave her opinion although she was far more polished. Her name was Barbara Bartoletti and she was the legislative director of The League of Women Voters. She and I exited the auditorium about the same time and when our paths crossed in that massive hallway, I took the opportunity to introduce myself and ask her a question, which led to another and then a very cordial debate that I will never forget. We covered a lot of subjects and it seemed to me that whenever I posed a question that she was unable or unwilling answer, she very deftly changed the subject. I don't know exactly how long we stood there but I became aware of a growing number of people who stopped in the hallway to listen and after a while we were encircled by a group of people so large that it became difficult for legislators to squeeze by the narrow space we left to get to their offices. One Assemblyman remarked that it looked like the real debate was going on out there. I was on cloud nine for days after that. I had the confidence to debate people in positions of authority and began doing so with relish. I got under the skin of a lot of ignorant thug union leaders. I also met a lot of very knowledgeable people throughout that decade and learned much that I sometimes wished I didn’t know. There’s a lot to be said about being blissfully ignorant.

Few of my friends and family know about the shadow life I lived as an advocate and reform activist and I certainly cannot converse with most them about any of the subjects that I am enthralled with. Most women I know are much more concerned with who is in or out on The Bachelorette or 90 Day Fiancée and my wife in particular would rather I spend more time running down the honey-do list.

Most of the people I rubbed elbows with were much older than I and have since passed, like Barbara Bartoletti who left us last year at the too-young age of 72. Nobel laureate Dr. Milton Freedman and his wife Rose had been the world’s foremost advocates for school choice for fifty years before I even heard about the concept. They passed without ever seeing their dream fulfilled.

I have a few conservative customers who stop into my computer shop occasionally to chew the fat over politics and it’s encouraging that they’re not “angry white guys” or deplorable as Hillary used to refer to us. Believe me when I tell you that I have had far more intelligent conversations with people of low status than with politicians and bureaucrats who more often than not achieved their elevated status through direct application of the Peter Principle.

What’s most encouraging to me these days is that there are some young Republican women out there successfully showing the world that the so-called dominant male hierarchy doesn’t exist in reality. It’s just another psychological ploy concocted by the left.

I have to end this little missive for the time being but not without paraphrasing a most prescient statement of fact from Ronald Reagan’s archive of wit: It’s not that Liberals don’t know anything. It’s that they know so much that just isn’t so.

6-10-21  Dr. Fauci's emails 
As I write this, Dr. Fauci’s emails have just been exposed to reveal that we've been misled about the likelihood of the virus coming from the Wuhan lab. Who is not surprised by that?
I want to remind everyone that in the wake of 9/11, all of our security agencies began running terrorist attack scenarios in order to better predict future attacks and find ways to prevent them before they happen.
Does anyone believe that our government has not considered the possibility of a lab leak in their efforts to anticipate how a biological attack could occur?
We’ve been told that the virus came from a wet market near the lab and as naïve as that scenario seems, we've been chastened not to question it. So what if the virus came from the lab? The next question is: Was it intentional or not? Does the CCP deserve any Trust? Do you trust our Main Stream Media?
Consider members of the CCP to be just like the political factions of any other country and realize that even if its leadership was trustworthy, there may be a rogue individual or group of individuals who would purposefully bring the virus out into the world. This is not just a wild conspiracy theory by me but an actual probability based on a pragmatic look at the world's political climate.
The way our nation’s left-wing and the world's globalists have capitalized on this pandemic has to lead any and all rational minded people to conclude that each and every aspect of the narrative we’ve been sold over the past year and a half is wildly improbable and that taken as a whole, has been a non-military war.


I just tried to make and appointment to enter a government building and view some government surplus that will be auctioned off next week. I've done this hundreds of times throughout my adult life.
In fact I worked at a government office in the '70s and putting some of our agency's surplus out to bid was a function of mine that got me started on this life-long surplus buying endeavor. 

Between then and now I spent a lot of time in government buildings and saw a lot of waste, fraud, corruption, collusion and misuse of taxpayer dollars from the inside. I have been in IRS buildings, FBI, Education Department, NYS Tax Department, Office of Court Administration, Labor Department, Schools, Motorpools, Warehouses and many more.  I have been very observant and vocal about what I have seen and I am convinced that the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 gave our government the "domestic terror" excuse they needed to be able to lock up their buildings and keep prying eyes like mine from continuing to report on all their malfeasance and outright criminal behavior.

Anyway, having to make an appointment to view the surplus is something new, ostensibly due to COVID. In fact, some agencies won't let you in to see what you're bidding on at all and leave you to do your bidding sight-unseen.

The bureaucrat in charge of making the appointment today told me that the new policy was NOT due to COVID. She said it was because when they had let people inside the warehouse to view items, some people would drip sweat on the merchandise, mishandle it and/or tamper with it! Really? That's why the general public can no longer go inside public buildings to see their public property?
 Our bureaucrats are being brainwashed into thinking that we're all domestic terrorists so they can justify putting as much distance between us as possible.

They made up the whole January 6th "insurrection" claim as another excuse to put a wall around the Capitol.

They have a lot of criminality and waste of taxpayer dollars to hide from our view. I remember decades ago going into a state owned building in Downtown Albany to look at some surplus. It used to be a grand hotel with a very ritzy lobby and huge ballroom with marble floors and columns and crystal chandeliers way up in the 2 story high ceiling. IDK how the state ended up with the building but now the ballroom was packed full of used CoreCraft particleboard office furniture that nobody wanted. The building had once generated a lot of property tax revenue for Albany on top of the state and federal income taxes it produced but now it was basically a gold plated garbage dump costing taxpayers money to heat and maintain it.


I've been a big fan of Dr. Jordan Peterson's writing as well as his podcasts and one of the things that stuck with me is that he encourages people to be precise in their speech.

When he writes, he says that he will rewrite a sentence 50 times before he's satisfied with the sentence structure being the best that it can be.

I also will reread what I write several times and make changes until I'm satisfied that I've gotten my point across precisely …but I can't imagine 50 times?

I was listening to one of Doctor Peterson's more recent podcasts and heard a revelation from him in that he said he went back and reread something he wrote years earlier and could not understand the point he was trying to get across. It's very important that he has the ability to engage in such introspection and share that revelation with everyone. Maybe the solution to the problem he was having would be to have someone else do his editing. Of course it would have to be someone familiar with the topic who shares an understanding of the point trying to be made.

Being precise in your speech and being precise in your writing are two different things. It takes a good amount of time to get your writing edited to represent your thoughts in the best way possible but is it really accomplishing your goal when you reread your own writing and fail to understand your own original thought?

When being interviewed or giving a speech, you don’t have the luxury of having time to be that precise and you run the risk of being misunderstood. This is especially true when you have people listening to you who don’t like what you say and will willfully misinterpret your thoughts.

But there is something that can be said about being imprecise in your speech though, if your name happens to be Donald J. Trump.  There was a time not long ago when I could not imagine any public figure being more imprecise in his speech than President Trump …that is until we got to hear from Joe Biden.

With President Trump, people who share his perspective understand his meaning and by his imprecision he manages to get the rest of us to elaborate on his thoughts for him. In doing so we take ownership of that meaning and distribute it farther than it would otherwise go.

With Joe Biden, it's often the case that he makes no sense to anyone. It's also sometimes the case that his words are clear and precise but what he says is a lie. He gets a lot of people to repeat his precise lie but those people are not at all well versed in the subject matter and end up being schooled when they repeat it far and wide.

So in a nutshell what I'm saying is that maybe it's not always better to be clear in your speech than to be unclear and have your contemporaries clarify it for you.

I have a few friends and family members who hate Donald Trump and they’re very proud to project it at every opportunity.
It doesn’t seem to matter to them that the reasons they use to justify their hatred are based on lies.
They don’t seem to realize that they are being psychologically manipulated by people who have a proven history of telling outrageous lies in their quest for power and money.
I wish they could see that Democrat politicians like Joe Biden have an old playbook that they have used for so long that politically astute people know how they divide and conquer voters.
Right now they’re pitting the rich against the poor and using Donald Trump’s federal income tax return (which was illegally obtained) to lie about what it means.
What it means is that the Bidens, Obamas, as well as the Clintons who have been in political office and creating tax laws for all of their adult lives, have given everyone who engages in business, including themselves, all of their rich cronies as well as their political adversaries and presidential debate moderators, the ability to write off business expenses. That includes state and local taxes as well as regulatory expenses that ought to be deducted from their gross income so that they don’t end up paying taxes on their taxes.
Complaining that Donald Trump has done the same thing that every smart person in business does is disingenuous at best.
But when Trumps accusers themselves are the world’s most corrupt abusers of their own laws, raking in billions of American taxpayer dollars by laundering it through their corrupt foreign aid schemes and global financial institutions, as the Bidens have done in Ukraine and China, it’s time for low information voters to GET WISE TO THE LIES.

9-14-20  If Joe Biden Becomes President...
...this is what will become of our world;
Everyone will be vaccinated.
You will be locked down and quarantined when you become ill.
You will have to wear a government approved mask in public.
You will no longer be able to travel freely.
Government buildings will be locked down – no admittance.
Government will license all businesses, dictate hours of operation and revoke licenses at will.
You won’t be able to choose your doctor.
The Electoral College will be eliminated.
Non-citizens will be able to vote.
Voting will be by mail and after that fails, by phone.
Guns will be confiscated.
Private ownership of fossil fueled vehicles will be outlawed.
Private property ownership will be restricted and rent will be controlled by the government.
Anyone who speaks out against anything the government does will be “re-educated”.
Cash will be eliminated.
Your earnings will go to the IRS where your taxes will be taken out before being electronically deposited in your account.
Your children and pets will have the right to sue you in a court of law.
The right to have children will be restricted. You’ll need a license to have sex and another to have children. Your relationships will be tracked. Your DNA will be on file.
Sound extreme? Everything I have stated here has been proposed or put in practice by a Globalist Socialist Democrat somewhere already and I’m sure that some of my more politically astute contemporaries will be able to add to this list.

5-7-20  Has Anyone Died From Simply Walking Within 6’ of Someone While Not Wearing a Mask? ...continued

Before telling people that you know someone who died from COVID-19, let's run the numbers.

99% of people get infected by touching the virus on a surface and then touching their face.

That means that 1 in 100 get it from some other means.

Then we have to imagine any/all other means and try to ascertain how many people could possibly get it just by walking within 6' of someone with the virus, coughing or sneezing while not wearing a mask. Note that for airborne transmission to occur both the infecter and the infectee have to be in SUSTAINED close proximity. Let's just say it's 1 in 1000 ...and I really think that's being generous.

Then you have to factor those cohorts into how many people healthy enough to be walking in public have died after contracting the disease. Well, 1 in 1000 who contracted it had been dying from it according to early numbers but those numbers were being skewed in some places like NY due to financial incentives. So let's say that 1 infected person in 2000 was actually dying from the virus itself ... again, I think that's a generous estimate.

Then we have to factor in how many people who were hospitalized with the virus died as a result of the being put on ventilators before it became known that improperly used ventilators were killing more people than they cured.

Then you have to factor the age of the patient, pre-existing conditions and compromised immunity into the mix. That's getting to be more than I can do in my head. Someone who has dealt with statistics ought to be able to take it from here but I think I've made my point.

Of all the people aged 1 through 50 healthy enough to be walking in public and came within 6' of someone with the virus who was coughing or sneezing while not wearing a mask that became infected with this virus throughout the world and were not treated with a ventilator, maybe one person died ...maybe none. This is not a pandemic.

5-7-20  Has Anyone Died From Simply Walking Within 6’ of Someone While Not Wearing a Mask?
I think that most of us are pretty damned tired of daily reminders that we're all gonna die.
I'm also pretty damned sure that if any Democrat was in the White House through all this, there wouldn't be any "all this" and we wouldn't have heard anything about this new coronavirus strain at all until after the fact.
Speaking of facts, there really aren't any. Virtually everything we've heard in the Main Stream Media has been wild speculation. Dr. Birx just now stated that she trusts NOTHING coming out of the CDC and believes that the number of cases and deaths are off by 25%.
TV and the MSM are beyond useless as sources of unbiased information ...better to let your curiosity guide you through legitimate, established interactive sources and websites and engage your own God-given intelligence to determine what is real and what is hype.
Looking forward, nobody actually knows how accurate or practical the antibody testing is or how useful it will be once perfected.
Nobody knows how much antibody saturation is needed to produce immunity or how long that immunity will last.
There have always been newly discovered viruses. It's all about advances in genetic research. There are currently about 200 known viruses that cause the common cold. Many of them are coronaviruses. Many are rhinoviruses and many more have yet to be identified.
Are we going to go through "all this" every time somebody identifies a new strain? Or will that happen only while there's a Republican in the White House?
I think humanity would be better served if genetic researchers focused on our immune systems which have the ability to protect us from all kinds of infections instead of expanding the reactionary practice of developing after-the-fact, marginally effective vaccines and expensive pharmaceuticals.
Having politicians and governmental bureaucracies in charge of every aspect of our health care has been an unmitigated disaster. It was bad enough what they did to public education. It’s time to turn these ships around.

4-21-20  Light The Fuse For A Booming Economy
I've been thinking about how this pandemic might play out with regard to our small businesses and I see an opportunity for President Trump to once again make lemonade out of the lemons he's been blessed with. Not that I’ve ever had an idea that he hasn't thought of first but what I was thinking was applying the left's student loan forgiveness to businesses. Not complete forgiveness but a compromise on principal and interest. We already have law firms and creditors doing it now for a fee on a voluntarily negotiated basis.

Maybe we could take all the extra IRS people that Obama hired and retrain them to act as agents on behalf of the taxpayers to renegotiate debt at 0% or even negative interest depending on the situation.

We cannot simply give money to businesses and individuals without considering where that money will be coming from. We cannot burden future generations with more debt. We don't need handouts. Just get out of our way ...laissez fairre!

Get the Fed to work for the people instead of the banks. Turn the World Bank around to collect payments/investments from all the world's economies that we contributed to the development of over the last half century. It would also be a good idea to collect rent from countries that rely on our military for their defense.

Knowing that our citizenry’s economic hardships have been an amalgamation of regressive tax policies and profligate government spending, we very simply need to reverse each and every liberal/socialist/collectivist economic policy of the past century. You know, end all the “failed policies of the past” as Obama used to say.

Eliminate taxes on real estate for American citizens or at least give property owners tax credits for homeschooling or sending their children to schools of their choice …make all mortgages assumable ...and end all foreign aid while we're at it. Create more tariffs. Tax foreign investors ...I'm on a roll here, LOL.

4-20-20  COVID-19 and Governor Cuomo's Hero Complex
Before getting into my thoughts on the early stages of the COVID-19 “pandemic”, I want to recall Connecticut’s Sandy Hook school shooting in December of 2012 and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reaction to it.

His reaction was to use the crisis to hastily create a bunch of gun control measures and put them on a fast-track for legislative approval. The gun control measures themselves were ridiculously superficial. They would have done nothing to prevent a similar mass-shooting. And his emergency measures taken to get the legislation passed violated the intent of the legislative power that was utilized.

But the governor was gripped by the psychological need to have to “do something” …even if that something had no practical application. Besides, it would be a shame to let a crisis go to waste.

Seven years later and we’re faced with a mysterious illness that seems to be spreading rapidly according to Main Stream Media’s hyperbolic reporting. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and how to deal with it. We had researchers analyzing data, medical experts proffering treatments, media pundits hyperbolizing and politicians pontificating that we have to “do something”.

There’s never a better time to do something legislatively as when there is an emotionally charged chaotic event that can be categorized as a crisis. And there’s no better way to create chaos than to have your people in the media breathlessly fill the airwaves with unverified hyperbole and projections of doom.

So the virus was quickly categorized as a pandemic although there was no way to test for it. Infection numbers were inflated in order to justify legislative intervention. Field clinicians reported treatments that seemed to work and others that seemed to make matters worse. Media pundits pointed fingers at the leaders they hate and “heroic” governors tripped over themselves to lead the I-Did-Something parade.

What will be the consequences of this political chaos? Will we find; that the virus was spreading throughout the population long before we became aware of it? That the severity of the pandemic was intentionally overstated in order to justify the implementation of otherwise unachievable legislative action? That the world’s economies were willfully ruined by Democratic Socialists and Globalists in order to stave off the impending demise of their New World Order?

With history as our guide we can assume the answer will be YES to all of the above.

4-12-2020  Days of Infamy and Lives Changed Forever
Many of our parents’ generation shared the horrible memory of Pearl Harbor that changed their lives forever.
People of my generation remember where they were the day that JFK was assassinated. (I was in Miss Conway’s 4th grade class at Colonie Village Elementary School).
Our children’s generation was devastated by the horror of 9/11.
Now those of us who’ve lived through all of those evil acts have another disastrous event to contend with: the COVID-19 crisis of 2020.
Like the others, this one stands to cause a great deal of wide-ranging consequences for a lot of people.
Unlike the others, this one was not committed on a single day by a person or persons dedicated to an INTENDED consequence. But there can be no doubt that some have manipulated and exacerbated its consequences to advance a political agenda not let the crisis go to waste.
Time will only tell if they will be held accountable but we should each of us take the time to consider the facts of the matter, hold onto the truth and discard the hysteria.
We may never be able to prove the intent of politicians who took advantage of the situation but we can get a good idea by their recent political history.
Do you trust those who have thwarted President Trump at every effort to strengthen our nation’s defense and resistance to such a calamity as this?
Did you or do you still believe those who have cried wolf over every issue imaginable since before Mr. Trump became President?
Please show a modicum of respect for your own intelligence, follow the facts and keep your emotions at bay. Each of us is a potential juror in this case. Try to show your neighbors in the jury pool that you are worthy of the job.

4-2-2020   Can We Really Agree To Disagree?

One of the things that I’ve noticed over the years is that when you’re having a political debate with someone and they are wrong, they often will end the argument by saying “I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.” Well I don’t agree with that. Political truth is very dear to me. I do not abide political falsehoods. There’s always an underlying evil in political falsehoods that will destroy people if allowed to go unchecked.
I distinctly remember when the statement first came about. It was during the course of a highly charged political debate over an issue where the left could not defend its position. They came up with the statement, “I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree”, in order to disarm their opponent of the ability to continue to present the political truth.
There was another statement that appeared in political discourse around that same time and it had the same effect and that was: “There is no such thing as truth, there are only differences of opinion.”
Those two statements have done a great deal of harm to America. They paved the way for the left to convince a growing number of young and open minded people that truth is relative and malleable.
Another harmful left-wing maxim from that era is that perception is reality. If you believe that reality is a matter of perception, you are a perfect candidate for brainwashing.
Truth is the only reality. To think otherwise would be to deceive yourself or allow yourself to be deceived.
Political falsehoods are not usually free standing statements innocently made with no reason behind them. The’re usually part of a narrative. If allowed to go unchecked they will give birth to a continuation of a false narrative. By engaging someone successfully in defeating the one particular political falsehood, you have a very good chance of defeating the narrative, if not immediately, you may at least be able to go back and show how the false narrative progressed. The ability to forensically show someone how a false narrative was born and raised will usually be much more successful than if you try to push your political truth on somebody in the heat of an argument when emotions prevent the acceptance of reason.

3-6-2020 The Roots of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Of all the things I learned from Dr. Jordan Peterson’s research into the machinations of the human mind, it was how the leadership of Nazi Germany managed to get large segments of the German people to accept, support and commit the atrocities waged against their fellow man that fascinated me most.

If I ever got the opportunity to ask the good doctor one question it would be along the same lines but with regard to how it is that the Socialist leadership of the left-wing in America manages to get large segments of people to abandon their independence and support policies of dependency.

I know that the left uses an emotional lasso to grab hold of their followers but I’ve seen too many otherwise rational people accept their intellectually vacuous presuppositions to understand how that hold can last a lifetime. You would think that once their followers became aware of just how irrationally they were behaving, they would feel insulted by the assault on their intelligence and turn on those who had been pulling those emotional reins.

The most perfect personal example of this for me was how the left managed to convince my mother to hate George W. Bush and to take that hatred to her grave. My mother was one of the most loving people you would ever meet but she was convinced that President Bush lied about WMDs in the Middle East and there was no convincing her that everyone in world leadership also believed Iraq had WMDs. The term that rational people coined to describe this condition was “Bush derangement syndrome”.

It seemed as though the left had a way of casting a spell on people over one key issue and then keeping people under that same spell with regard to every political issue that they conjured up thereafter.The left is doing the same exact thing today but it’s now called “Trump derangement syndrome”. Some of the most politically astute people have fallen prey to this syndrome over one issue of disagreement and never seem to recover from the spell. SMH

3-3-2020 Choice is the Key to Success
I read an article in a national weekly newspaper a while back that sought to define The Five Attributes of Successful Schools. The author stated that: “Students across the globe need effective schools. While the American school system as a whole may be falling behind international standards, there are still some schools that stand out. Sure, the context of schooling will impact attributes that contribute to effectiveness in specific schools. But at the same time, there are attributes that contribute to effectiveness across schooling contexts. If we understand the attributes of effectiveness, we can observe which attributes exist at successful schools.”

So the plan is to "find" what works in successful schools (as if truly smart people don't already know) and then clone it, reproduce it and distribute it universally?

The problem with this mindset is that individual teachers and administrators are unique in what makes some greater and more effective than others. You cannot clone that. It's this individuality itself that made American education great and you will never regain that without the respect for the individual that is lacking in the system today.

Forcing teachers to join a union and to conform to a single standard regards them as automatons. Is that not a disincentive to achievement? Doesn’t that restrict their potential? It certainly doesn’t encourage the diversity, innovation and dynamism that any industry requires to be more successful. It turns teachers and administrators into what can more accurately be described as "government program facilitators."

Forcing students to attend the most proximate school, aka government run programming facility, is just as bad as forcing teachers to adhere to union standards. It's pure Marxism. It has never lead to success anywhere and certainly has no place in a free society of unique individuals.

The free market is the only solution. School choice is the missing component in America’s education system today.

2-22-2020   Is There No Boundary to the Left-Wing’s Extremism? (an update to my missive from 10-14-2019)
Where do your beliefs reside with regard to the political spectrum? Are you right, left or center? Do you tell people that you reside in the center? Have you been told you are on the right or left by people who don’t agree with you? How can they be the judge? What is the true center?

The other day I heard a highly respected statesman claim that white supremacists are members of the extreme right, aka the Alt Right. I would like to ask him why? Who or what positions them on the right? Why do they not occupy a position on the left? Where would black supremacists reside? What about Chinese supremacists, as they consider China to be the center of The Universe? Wouldn’t they all belong on the left being as they identify as a group? Isn’t individualism a centrist idea?

Why do we call it a political spectrum anyway? What could possibly be the center of a spectrum? If you were playing a political tug of war, a tape at the very middle of the rope would be the center and that tape would be aligned over a stake in the ground. As time progressed and the left team pulled the tape over to their side of the stake, what then marks the center? Would you consider it to be the ribbon …or the stake? If those on the left claimed the ribbon to be the center and that the stake was now actually on the right, would you just cede that territory to them?  Would you simply accept being called a radical right-wing extremist by socialists who’ve labeled you that way just to make themselves appear less radical? The left is using this group identity scheme to demonize Conservatism.The point I'm trying to make is that we need a constant benchmark to define the center. I believe that benchmark, the stake in the ground, is our Constitution. Those of us who want to conserve the Constitution as our benchmark, to keep our nation's ideological center, haven't been trying to move that benchmark. We're not playing a tug of war. We're not pulling anyone anywhere except back to the center.

2-10-2020  Podcasts -The Digital Gutenberg Revolution

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Jordan Peterson podcasts lately where I’ve found answers to many of life’s great mysteries as well as a clearer understanding of what’s happening in our society today.

Before getting into the latest of these revelations, I better back up a bit and explain what a podcast is and what it means to communication. A podcast is an audio and/or video method of storytelling that makes it possible to reach far more people than the written story. It’s a Gutenberg Revolution on steroids.

Podcasts can be listened to while driving or doing housework or any number of things where you wouldn’t be able to read a book while doing them.

A couple months ago I purchased a book by Jordan Peterson entitled “12 Rules for Life”. I’ve read part of it but have found that listening to Dr. Peterson’s podcasts gives me a great deal more knowledge in a far shorter period of time.

The podcast I listened to last night was a YouTube video interview of Dr. Peterson and Dr. Bret Weinstein moderated by Joe Rogan. It was a fascinating discussion that addressed many aspects of politically correct speech. Dr. Peterson is a renowned clinical psychologist and professor of psychology. Dr. Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist. They have born personal witness to the madness of the left’s assault on our 1st Amendment rights. They have dissected it and exposed it for the cancer that it is.

If you think that expanding your mind into the societal and biological aspects of politically correct speech is something that would interest you, you can find the interview by searching the Internet for “Joe Rogan Experience #1006” ( It’s a 2 hour and 45 minute interview. It was very interesting from start to finish but one 15 minute segment in particular got deep into the psychological, biological, societal and political reasoning behind the income disparities between men and women. That segment begins at about the 30 minute mark. But be warned, it may burst all your political preconceptions.

I only had one point of contention with some matter-of-fact statements each of these men made regarding how they define the political right and its relationship to the political left. I'll delve deeper into that down the road..